Annuity Alert

If you are considering buying an annuity we have vital information for you!

Alliance Group has become concerned over the confusion by the public of how annuities work and the misguidance consumers are receiving. Due to current economic conditions and an unstable stock market many people have been seeking safe places to put their retirement savings. Annuities have gained the attention of retirees because of their guarantees. The right annuity under the right circumstances can play a vital role in your retirement.

No two annuities are the same. Some annuities are very simple like a CD and others are more complicated. Some are safe with a guarantee of principal and others put 100% of your retirement savings at risk. Some annuities have substantial fees that are deducted from your account annually and can reduce your principal while others do not. Some annuities have higher penalties than others. Certain annuities are designed to provide income and others are created to grow.

Due to the substantial misinformation and misunderstanding of how annuities work, Alliance Group has devoted a considerable amount of time and resources to educating consumers on the pros and cons of annuities. You can learn the basics of annuities here on our website, but it takes an experienced Financial Professional to match the best annuity to your circumstances. Not all annuities are created equal!

Let us explain in simple to understand terms what you should know before you buy an annuity. Discover the four basic types of annuities. We will cover the real costs and fees involved in annuities. We can show you which annuities are safe. If it’s income you want then we can show you how to get guaranteed income that keeps up with inflation. We can show you how to determine if an annuity is right for you. If an annuity is right for you then let us explain the most you should contribute to an annuity and why?

We’ll send you a FREE Annuity Information Kit. There is no cost or obligation and it could prevent you from making a costly mistake. Contact us today!

With Your FREE Annuity Information Kit, you will discover:

  • Which annuities are safe and which are not.
  • The most you should put into an annuity depending on your circumstances.
  • What your broker doesn’t want you to know about annuities.
  • What your accountant thinks about annuities.
  • The pros and cons of annuities and avoiding potentially costly mistakes.
  • Annuity liquidity provisions and how you can receive income for life.
  • How our Retirement Solutions may protect your retirement savings from a stock market Crash.
  • How to determine which annuity is right for you.
  • The various annuities that have hidden fees.
  • Plus, much more…

Find out if an annuity is right for you and which annuity is best to secure your financial retirement today.

Get the facts first before buying an annuity.

For immediate assistance, and to receive your FREE personalized analysis immediately, contact us to schedule a free one on one personal consultation with one of our top annuity experts. There is no cost or obligation for this service and your information will be kept private, 100% secure and fully confidential.


Living Benefits. Our Baliwick.
Living Benefits. Our Baliwick.
Posted 5 months ago

Living Benefits are the lifeblood of the Alliance Group. They are our BRAND, our MISSION, our PASSION & our CRUSADE.

Living Benefits. It’s not just insurance - It’s about providing your clients with a SOLUTION. It’s about LIFE INSURANCE FOR LIFE.

A life insurance product that can provide financial utility during a client’s life & NOT just at death, living benefits can be the difference between financial survival and financial demise. At…

Posted 2 years ago


Let me begin by asking my readers the following question: “If you or a family member should develop a chronic illness requiring long-term care or become critically ill due to a stroke, heart attack, or diagnosis of cancer, but have a good chance for survival with new medical advances and physician recommended experimental or alternative care costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, what would you do?…

All the more reason…
All the more reason…
Posted 2 years ago

I ran across this article today that continues to prove our point, further validating the need for LIVING BENEFITS. The first paragraph says it all:
"Bankruptcies resulting from unpaid medical bills will affect nearly 2 million people this year-making health care the No. 1 cause of such filings, and outpacing bankruptcies due to credit-card bills or unpaid mortgages, according to new data. And even having health insurance doesn't buffer consumers against…